FPA of Utah Pro Bono Volunteers

Do You Feel the Desire
To Give Back To Your Community?

Join the FPA Pro Bono Team!

Use your skills to help
people in need in times of need

Across the country, FPA members are helping people who need financial planning assistance but cannot access it. They may be fleeing a domestic abuse situation. Or struggling to escape from homelessness or addiction. Or striving to emerge from a low income paycheck-to-paycheck merry-go-round by saving toward an education or a business.

FPA pro bono financial planning volunteers can help by providing sound, objective advice that is free of charge and not linked to any sales or promotion of products or services. They do it to help the less fortunate. They do it out of pride in their profession. They do it because it’s the right thing to do.

Pro Bono TestimonialVolunteering as an FPA® pro bono volunteer is a great way for financial planners to give back to their communities. It’s also a great way to help ourselves. Pro bono activities increase public awareness of financial planning, build bridges with community leaders, strengthen a chapter’s esprit de corps and attract new members. It also helps individual planners develop their own planning knowledge and skills.

In our chapter we want to recognize our members for the work they already do, as well as solicit support for chapter sponsored activities. We will provide links so that you may report your charitable / Pro Bono hours to qualify for the National Volunteer Service Award as well as being able to achieve public recognition for our chapter efforts.

Please fill out a volunteer sign up form and also indicate to us any worthwhile causes that we may choose to support as a Chapter. One activity that I would like to propose is to provide Pro Bono Financial Planning services to any public first responder (police, fire, etc.) who die in the line of service.

The FPA National Association also has a letter of understanding with the American Red Cross to provide Pro Bono financial planning services to those affected by national and local disasters. If you would be interested in serving in this capacity, please indicate on volunteer form.