Government Relations

Part of your dues paid to the National Financial Planning Association go toward representing you and your best interests concerning governmental and legislative issues.  As a member of the Utah Financial Planning Association you are encouraged to stay current and be active in presenting an informed and united front as a profession.

The following is from the National FPA site:



The Government Relations office of FPA, based in Washington, D.C., exclusively represents the financial planning industry and its members' interests before federal and state regulators and lawmaking bodies to leverage a more unified voice on issues affecting financial planning.

  • Stay current with trends and changes in compliance financial planning regulations and requirements, particularly in the securities area
  • Benefit from comment and lobbying efforts with local FPA groups on issues of state interest>
  • Find best compliance procedures for the financial planning profession
  • Get assistance in helping you more fully understand your compliance needs


Other links to help stay current and involved include:

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State Senate: