Meeting Presentations

January 14, 2016 Chapter Meeting Presentations

Medicare - Julian Ortega

Affordable Care Act - Julian Ortega

Using Options as a Rebalancing Tool - Michael Turvey

Tax Planning is as Essential as Ever - Joe Hillstead & Garth Simpson


November 12, 2015 Meeting Presentations

Economic Update - Kent Misener

Social Security Disability Benefits - Wayne Giles

Helping Married Clients Prepare for Financial Planning - Travis Parry


2015 Symposium Presentations

2015 Symposium Presentations

Minimizing the Risk of Being Sued - Dan Hill

Aging and Its Financial Implications - Kathleen Pritchard

Are Your Equity Investments Diversified - Austin Kairnes

Ethics in Action - Heidie George & Ken Barton

Plan for Living - Tracy White

Tax Planning for Investment Advisors - Fred Wolff

Using Trusts with Annuities - Tim Lickteig

Advanced Medicare - John Weir

College Funding / 529 - Katie Gurr, Gregory Dyer, Stephen Rogers

Asset Protection Trusts - James Judd

Impact Investing - John Unice

Utah Retirement System, How Advisors can Add Value - Mike Wilson



March 26, 2015 Chapter Meeting Presentations

Fixed Income Outlook - Brian Zak

Affordable Care Act Training - Julian Ortega

Understanding Your Medicare Options - John Weir


January 22, 2015 Chapter Meeting  Presentations

"A Conversation With the Commissioner"  - Todd Kiser

"IRA Legal Updates" - Dan Hill & James Judd

The Evolution of Estate Planning - Article by James Judd

"Tax Planning & Updates" - Nathan Larsen


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