Meeting Presentations

January 23, 2014 Chapter Meeting

Here are the presentations from the Chapter Meeting on January 23, 2014

2014 Topics and Trends - Dan Hill

Affordable Care Act - Gabriela Benitez

Investine in a Rising Rate Environment - Roy Raven


2013 November - Elder Abuse

Click here for the presentation from Blake Nakamura on Elder Abuse.

FPA 2013 Fall Symposium

Here are the presentations from the 2013 Utah FPA Symposium
Click on the link to view each presentation.

*Note: Some presentations take a bit more time to open, please be patient

Risk Management & Mortgage Banking - Brett Mills

Building a Better Portfolio "Core" - Craig Israelsen

Planning for Health Care in Retirement - Brad Angel

Utah Economic & Fiscal Review - Juliette Tennert

Seeing the Trees in the Forest, Opportunities to Serve Your Clients with Disability Insurance - Bart Spencer

Charitable Giving & Due Dilligence - Fraser Nelson

Charitable Giving & Due Dilligence - Brent Andrewsen

Efficient Use of Graduates in Succession Planning - Jacob Sybrowsky

When Everything You Have Been Taught is Wrong - Joseph Tombs

Helping Clients Plan for the Costs of Long-Term Care - Tim Kohl

Options for (and in) Retirement Portfolios - Eric Cott

Health Care Reform - After the Delay / Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act - The Tax Consequences - Rebecca Yates & Spencer Strickland

Trusts: Protect the Property You Own for the People You Love - Rock Allen


2012 Planned Giving Seminar


Innovative Strategies for Charitable Giving - Jerry Borrowman

Unique Risk Management Planning Challenges of the Affluent - Robin Farrell

Mitigating the Tax "Bite" While Turning S-Corp Stock into a Family Charitable Legacy - Laura Malone


February 9, 2012


Reverse Mortgages - Catherine Kelsey


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